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  1. Android News

    T-Mobile announces next Uncarrier event on September 6th

    T-Mobile has announced a new Uncarrier NEXT even for September 6th, but they've given no hints about what they plan to announce.
  2. Android News

    T-Mobile's next Uncarrier movement plans to change the way you buy phones

    According to marketing material given to Android Authority, T-Mobile has plans to change the way you buy your phones, and will likely be launched in Q3 2017.
  3. Android News

    T-Mobile brings back truly unlimited data

    T-Mobile's Uncarrier 12 is called T-Mobile ONE. The intiative brings back truly unlimited data, though there are some restrictions. Video can only be streamed at 480p unless you pay $25 per month, and mobile hotspot is free but limited to 2G unless you pay $15 per month.
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    T-Mobile Uncarrier 11 announcement happens June 6th

    T-Mobile has scheduled their next Uncarrier announcement for June 6th. It's Uncarrier 11, and rumors say T-Mobile will introduce a program that will hook T-Mobile customers up with free stuff every month.