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unicode 9.0

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    Unicode makes version 9.0 official, adds 72 new emojis

    On June 2nd, Unicode announced version 9.0 and we got a look at the newest 72 emojis that were being added. Today, the organization has officially released it and along with the 72 emojis, we also get an additional 7,500 characters (for a total of 128,172) and it includes six new scripts.
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    Apple and Microsoft reportedly objected to adding a second gun emoji

    Earlier this month, we learned that 72 new emojis would be added to Unicode in version 9.0. Then a little bit later, we learned 2 of the emoji candidates didn't make the cut. One of these emojis were of a rifle and now Buzzfeed is reporting that Apple objected to the idea. The report then says...
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    These 2 emojis weren't approved for Unicode 9, but are already in Android N

    Last week, we learned that 72 of the 74 proposed emoji candidates were approved for Unicode 9.0 and the two that were left out were the modern pentathlon and rifle ones. Interestingly enough, Google had already implemented those candidates in the Android N developer preview. Also, since these...
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    Unicode announces 72 new emojis that will be heading to Android later this year

    We knew that there were a lot of candidates for the upcoming Unicode update, but now things have been made official. With Unicode 9.0, which is due to be released on June 21st, the 72 new emojis will be available for apps, smartphone OEMs and Google themselves to add into their platform.
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    For the first time ever, Android supports more emoji than iOS

    With the 2nd Developer Preview of Android N available, Google decided throw in some new emoji from Unicode 9.0. With this update, this put Android ahead of iOS in terms of the number of emoji with 953, while iOS is still on Unicode 8.0 with 879 emoji.
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    74 Emoji candidates revealed for Unicode 9.0

    74 new Emojis have been revealed as candidates for the next version of Unicode(9.0). There will be a UTC meeting during the second quarter of this year to determine which ones will make it into next version.