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  1. Android News

    Vainglory 5V5 now available on Android

    The popular MOBA Vainglory has now made its 5V5 mode available to Android users.
  2. Android News

    Latest Vainglory update is big, adds a new hero, new items, and more

    Vainglory is a popular MOBA for Android, and the developers have just pushed out the big 2.0 update that comes with the following changes. . . New Mystery Chest - Contains every hero & skin in the Market - Better than 1-in-3 chance of getting a hero or skin! - Extremely rare 1 MILLION Opals...
  3. Android News

    Vainglory now has a Vulkan-enabled beta

    Super Evil Megacorp has released a beta version of Vainglory with support for the Vulkan graphics API. The developer claims that the beta version allows the game to run 30% more efficiently on Vulkan-enabled devices with improvements in battery life and faster frame rates.
  4. Android News

    Vainglory update adds improved bots and commentary

    Mobile MOBA game Vainglory is getting a new update today. The update brings new difficulty levels for AI-controlled bot games, with Hard and Very Hard being added for those who need practice. The game will now also call out when you earn a double kill or triple, which are multiple kills that...
  5. Android News

    Vainglory hosts 24-hour Spring Sale

    Mobile MOBA game Vainglory is hosting a 24-hour Spring Sale. All characters are in free rotation and 25% off starting from June 11th. This gives you a chance to try the characters before you buy them. Vainglory is a game where you and 2 teammates face off against another team in an attempt to...