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video calling

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    Video calling and text chat app dey

    Dear all, I am looking for video calling and text chat app in Android. I would to have a mentor who can guide me through the project development. I am an amateur developer.
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    8 Best Video Calling Apps for Android in 2017

    We live in a world where you can almost instantly see any person face-to-face with a few taps on your phone. Video calling might not be as popular as it’s depicted in sci-fi movies, but it’s still a very valuable form of communication. Phandroid presents a list of the 8 best video calling apps...
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    Google has created a new video conferencing suite of hardware

    Google has introduced a new bundle for video conferencing which includes an ASUS Chromebox, touchscreen controller, speaker-mic, and a camera. This bundle works Google's Hangouts Meet video chat services.
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    Truecaller to add Google's Duo video-calling later this year

    True caller has announced that it will be adding video calling to its app later this year with integration with Google's Duo. Google has not announced a public API for Duo, but it looks like other app developers may soon be able to add Duo video calling to their apps as well.
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    Duo 5.1 update released to fix audio bug

    Google has released the 5.1 update for Duo, fixing a bug which causes audio not to work for certain Android devices.
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    Slack update adds video calling feature

    Slack is rolling out a new update which adds a native video calling service to its Windows, Mac and Chrome apps. One-to-one video calls are completely free, but Slack does require a paid subscription for those who want group calls. Android users can also join calls, but they are only able to...
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    WhatsApp is finally rolling out video calling to everyone

    Video calling on WhatsApp has been floating around for a few months, but only a select number of users were given the feature. Today, WhatsApp is officially rolling out video calling to all its users on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Once the new update hits your device, you'll be able to...
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    WhatsApp is slowly rolling out video calling to its users

    Voice calls have been supported within WhatsApp for a while but users are finally seeing the option to initiate video calling within the app as well. If you do not see the option listed when viewing your contacts, users have reported that the option will appear if you wipe the app's data. Just...
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    Google releases 5 adorable Duo commercials

    Google's Duo has been downloaded more than 10 million times already, but Google appears to be gearing up for a pretty large marketing push by releasing five commercials for the new video calling app. Each commercial features everyday household items, video calling their better half (toothbrush &...
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    Duo review praises the app's simplicity, but suggests users will still have to rely on other apps

    The WSJ has posted its review of Duo, praising the simplicity of the app and highlighting the fact that it does exactly what it claims. Unfortunately for users, Duo isn't compelling enough for most people to make the switch since it doesn't offer the same basic messaging features like FaceTime...
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    Duo, Google's new video chat app will be available to download today

    After months of beta testing, Duo will finally be making its way to consumers today. The Video chat application was announced at Google I/O back in May. While there are plenty of similar apps on the market already, Google wanted to deliver something that was extremely simple and network...
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    Help "Weak connection" when video calling

    When I video call on my Galaxy A7 via the apps: Kakao, Line, and Skype I always experience a "bad connection" before it inevitably terminates all together. I don't use wifi - just my data plan. The strange thing is, I can download large files, stream videos, AND video call using Facebook...
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    WhatsApp update removes video calling feature from beta users after two days

    The beta video calling feature that was released in WhatsApp's Android app over the weekend was pulled in a new update which was just released today. There's no indication as to why the beta video calling feature was removed, but we're hoping it'll soon make its way back to the app's beta users...
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    Video Calling makes its way into the Android beta version of WhatsApp

    WhatsApp has been long rumored to be adding video calling features to its application, and now those rumors are coming to fruition. A new update has rolled out to the application which gives users the option to video call a contact, but the feature has yet to be turned on through the back-end...