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    Vine co-founder says he wants to create a replacement

    Since Twitter shutdown Vine, the co-founder has been incredibly disappointed he sold the company. How he's tweeting that he's considering releasing a new service that's similar to Vine.
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    Today is the last day to save your Vines

    Just a quick heads up to Vine users, today is the last day you can download your previous Vines before the service is archived in favor of Vine Camera, which lets you upload six-second video clips straight to you Twitter.
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    Vine, as a social website, will shut down on January 17th

    We recently learned that Twitter would be transforming Vine into a camera application, but we didn't know when this transition would happen. Today, it's been announced that Vine will turn into that camera application in less than 2 weeks.
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    Vine will be turned into a standalone camera application

    It was thought that Twitter was going to shut down Vine, and then there was some talk about the chance of the service staying alive. Today, it's been announced that Vine will be updated into a pared-down camera application. You'll still be able to use it to make 6-second looping videos, that you...
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    Twitter may sell Vine to keep it alive

    A report claims that Twitter has received over 10 bids from various companies interested in purchasing Vine. While selling Vine may keep the service alive, there's always a chance that those bidding on the service are only interested in the infrastructure, talent and technology that are wrapped...
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    Giphy allows you to transfer your old Vine content

    If you're a fan of Vine and want to keep your old video content, you can now do so thanks to Giphy. The company announced they will be offering the ability to transfer existing content into Giphy "very soon".
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    Vine is shutting down

    Twitter has announced that they will be shutting Vine down. The exact reasons are unknown, but Twitter did recently announces significant layoffs and the Vine team may have been the one to be hit. The company has been expressing a need to focus on their core product for a long time. Twitter...
  8. Android News

    Vine makes binging your favorite channels easier with a new Watch feature

    The developers behind the popular video application Vine has just announced a new update that is heading to its Android application. Instead of having to browse from one video to the next in a channel, you can simply press the Watch button and it will play one video after the other until you're...
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    Head of Vine leaves Twitter to work on VR at Google

    The head of Twitter's Vine unit has left the company in order to work on Google. He announced the news on his Twitter account today, noting that Google is doing some very exciting things with VR with a lot of potential.