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    Vulkan 1.1 is out today

    A little over two years since the launch of Vulkan 1.0, the Khronos group has launched its first major revision to its cross platform graphics API. Vulkan 1.1 offers two major new features, support for protected content on the GPU and subgroup operations, as well as bringing a number of previous...
  2. Android News

    Some new information about OpenGL/Vulkan requirements with Android 7.0 Nougat

    In Android's latestCDD, it was revealed that devices must be compatible with OpenGL 2.0 if it wants to run Nougat. OpenGL 3.0 is recommended, but not required (as is Vulkan). However, the 2nd generation Android One smartphones are being updated to Nougat, and they only support OpenGL 3.0 (not 2.0).
  3. Android News

    Unreal Engine 4.14 is now available, and is ready to ship games on Android with Vulkan support

    The Vulkan APIs will do wonders for the Android gaming platform, but it will be difficult for developers to implement them without support from game engines. Unreal Engine version 4.14 is now available, and this update comes with the following changes for Android. . . - Unreal Engine 4.14 is...
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    Video shows how Vulkan API compares to OpenGL ES API on ARM platforms

    ARM has just uploaded a video that gives us a side by side comparison to demonstrate how Vulkan compares to the OpenGL ES that we're used to.
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    Unity releases the first developer preview of their upcoming Vulkan renderer

    Vulkan is going to be big for mobile gaming and Unity is letting developers test out the game engine's first Vulkan renderer. This is experimental though, so they have a list of known issues that they're aware of.
  6. Android News

    Vainglory now has a Vulkan-enabled beta

    Super Evil Megacorp has released a beta version of Vainglory with support for the Vulkan graphics API. The developer claims that the beta version allows the game to run 30% more efficiently on Vulkan-enabled devices with improvements in battery life and faster frame rates.
  7. Android News

    The Galaxy S7 wasn't the first smartphone to support the Vulkan API

    When Samsung advertised and marketed the Galaxy S7, they said the device would be the first smartphone to support the new Vulkan API. In actuality though, we saw smartphones like the Nexus 5X and 6P support it via the Nougat Developer preview. However, even the Galaxy Note 7 shipped with Vulkan...
  8. Android News

    Nexus 9 will not receive Vulkan graphics API

    A Google engineer has confirmed that the Nexus 9 will not receive the Vulkan graphics API after it was added to other Nexus devices in Android N previews. The reasoning is due to the lack of necessary hardware needed to support Vulkan. Vulkan is an API that makes graphics performance for games...
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    Samsung is fully supporting Vulkan by promoting games and helping developers use it

    Samsung is fully on board with the Vulkan API for mobile gaming and they're putting in a lot of effort to draw attention to their devices that use it. Not only does Samsung plan to promote games that implement the APIs, but they are also working closely with developers to help them get their...
  10. Android News

    Samsung might rebuild their TouchWiz Launcher to use the Vulkan API

    Vulkan is going to be huge for performance gains in Android games, but it's also going to help conserve battery life as well. At SDC 2016, Samsung talked about how they are experimenting with a special version of TouchWiz's launcher (that uses the Vulkan API) and how it has increased battery...
  11. Android News

    How the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge can benefit from the new Vulkan APIs

    Russell from Android Central talks about what Vulkan is and how the latest flagships from Samsung can benefit from it. Besides improving graphical performance and Android games in general, Vulkan can also mean great things for the Gear VR and how all of those apps perform.