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wall street journal

  1. Android News

    Facebook and the Wall Street Journal may be working on a 'subscription deal'

    A new report claims that the Wall Street Journal and Facebook are in discussions to bring articles to the social media platform through a subscription model.
  2. Android News

    The Wall Street Journal complains that Google uses it's own ad platform

    The Wall Street Journal has a report up about Google and its ad platform, saying that the Mountain View tech giant is one of the largest ad buyers the platform has. They feel it is unfair for Google to buy ad spots on its own ad platform in a way that puts their own products above the competition.
  3. Android News

    Huawei confirms they will launch a flagship smartphone in the US in 2016

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Huawei will finally enter the US market in a major way with the release of an upcoming flagship. We've seen Huawei release phones in the US before, but they were never considered the company's flagship. This information comes from Richard Yu, Huawei’s...
  4. Android News

    WSJ Claims Ford and Google are Still Negotiating a Partnership for Self-Driving Cars

    A new report from the Wall Street Journal talks about the possibility of Google and Ford creating a new company where Ford would be in charge of the automotive parts of the self-driving car and then Google would focus on the self-driving aspect of software and sensors.