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  1. nmkp17

    Help How to stop whatsapp deleting the messages

    I accidently select a chat and clicked "delete" and the conversation has around 200L messages. For now, I did force stop to "pause the deleting messages" activity. If I open whatsapp again, I see "Deleting the message 100 of 200K". Is there way to completely stop the message getting deleted...
  2. Android News

    WhatsApp is down for everyone right now

    About an hour ago people started noticing WhatsApp was having connectivity issues. Then the whole service went down and now no one is able to send or receive messages.
  3. Android News

    Report says WhatsApp is still working on adding business chat tools to the platform

    We have known for a while that WhatsApp has been wanting to integrate some sort of tools into the platform so they can bring in some revenue to keep the servers running. The report says they want to prevent businesses from spamming potential customers, but still feel there's a way to let them...