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wi-fi alliance

  1. Android News

    Wi-Fi WPA3 protocol coming this year

    According to the official wording, the WPA2 protocol will continue to be enhanced, but it will also be built upon, with the new WiFi WPA3 protocol. The new features will include “robust protections” even when choosing weaker passwords, and “strengthen user privacy in open networks”.
  2. Android News

    Tougher WiFi security will keep you safe at the coffee shop

    The Wi-Fi Alliance plans to roll out a WPA3 standard that addresses a number of weak points in wireless security.
  3. Android News

    The Galaxy S8 Active receives its Wi-Fi certification

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 Activate has passed through certification at Wi-Fi Alliance, bringing the device closer to an official release.
  4. Android News

    Both Galaxy Note 7 variants receive Wi-Fi certification for Android Nougat

    The original and refurbished Galaxy Note 7's have received Wi-Fi certification for Android Nougat.
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    WiGig technology has been certified

    The Wi-Fi Alliance has formally announced WiGig, the name for a new 802.11ad protocol that will allow for multi-gigabit data transfers over wireless technology. The tech can move as much as 8 gigabits per second, which is just about 1GB.
  6. Android News

    Wi-Fi Alliance announces "wave 2" of new features for 802.11ac

    Instead of adding more letters to the 802.11ac name, or going further down the alphabet, the WiFi Alliance has just announced a second wave of features that are headed to the 802.11ac spec. This new wave extends simultaneous MIMO support to multiple users, there will be more channels available...