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  1. Android News

    Latest update to the Wikipedia Beta application changes up the reading list

    The beta channel of the Wikipedia application received a new update today that changes how the reading list functions. So now you can select multiple reading lists and individual articles in those reading lists can be removed and saved for offline reading.
  2. Android News

    The beta release of the Wikipedia app adds two-factor authentication, bug fixes and more

    The official Wikipedia application now has its own beta program and the first beta released comes with the following changes. . . - Two-factor authentication support and login fixes - Improved network performance and offline support for cached page previews - Better multi-window support -...
  3. Android News

    Wikipedia updates its Android app and adds a bottom navigation menu

    Wikipedia is currently rolling out an update to their Android application. The only changes that have been spotted so far is the addition of a bottom navigation toolbar for the most commonly used actions.
  4. Android News

    Wikipedia's latest app update redesigns the UI and offers more features

    The last time we saw Wikipedia update their Android application was back in January when they added in a toolbar and cleaned up its memory management issues. Today, the company is rolling out a new update that cleans up the user interface and adds in new features like being able to find...
  5. Android News

    Wikipedia update brings Quick Access Toolbar, Better Memory Management and more

    WikiPedia has just gotten a decent upgrade over at Google Play. It isn't going to revolutionize the way you access the world's information, but it does bring a few nice enhancements and improvements. Here's what's changing: - Introduced a toolbar under the lead image for quick access to share...