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  1. Android News

    Researchers find that the Wire messaging app stores yours contacts in plain text

    There are no shortage of messaging applications on Android and Wire is one that advertises itself as a secure platform. However, security researchers feel the way Wire handles the contact data in plain text isn't very secure at all.
  2. Android News

    Devs behind Wire have open sourced the server code

    The client code from Wire had its source code released by the developers in July of last year, and today the company has announced the server code is now available as well.
  3. Android News

    Independent security review on the Wire app says it's highly secure

    Wire is a messaging application that is trying to compete with the likes of Signal, WhatsApp and others. The company seems to be focused on security because they recently hired a company to do a security review and the results showed the application was very secure.
  4. Android News

    Wire encrypted messenger app goes open source

    Wire has open-sourced their secure messaging app. Wire offers encrypted text, voice, and video conversations. The company invites people to build communication apps using Wire's framework and they will continue to improve the security and features of the app.