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xiaomi mi band 2

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    Deal: $10 off Xiaomi Mi Band 2

    Gear Best has the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for $19, a $10 discount from its original price tag. The sale is only up for the next 24 hours or until stock is sapped, and it ships June 1st.
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    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is seemingly incompatible with dark skin

    A large group of users are being prevented from using their Xiaomi Mi Band 2's heart rate sensor. The device seemingly has trouble operating when used with dark skin. Many of the people this issue affects suggest the band works just fine when using it on people with fair skin or on the lighter...
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    Xiaomi is selling Mi 5 bundles with accessores for a limited time

    The Xiaomi Mi 5 is selling in bundles for a limited time. You can choose between either a Xiaomi Mi Band 2, a Mi VR Play, or Xiaomi's Notebook Air, with the bundles costing $294, $272, and $1025, respectively.
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    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 review says it's attractive and affordable, but not without its flaws

    Jimmy of Android Authority just published his review of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and he felt it was pretty average when compared to the other fitness bands that are available. Pros - Very affordable - Battery lasts around 20 days - Accurate step/sleep tracking - Idle Alerts are very helpful...
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    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 production to double, wider availability set for October

    Retailers selling the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 have been bumping up the price of the fitness tracker due to high demand. Production volumes are expected to double soon, but broader retail availability is not expected until October. Currently, the Mi Band 2 is not even available on Xiaomi's website.
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    Xiaomi unveils its $22 Mi Band 2 with 20-day battery, display and heartrate monitor

    After dozens of rumors and leaks, Xiaomi has officially unveiled the Mi Band 2. The fitness tracker lasts for 20 days on a single charge and it IP67 water and dust resistant. It is also equipped with an optical heart rate sensor, LED display to view the time, step count, and heart rate and...
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    Xiaomi's Mi Band 2 is rumored to launch on June 7th

    At the start of this month, it was revealed that thanks to manufacturing issues, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 would be delayed about a month. If the latest rumor is to be believed, Xiaomi is getting ready to release this device to the public on June 7th for $50.
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    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 production issues push retail launch back by a month

    Xiaomi's CEO has shared that production of the Mi Band 2 has run into some issues, forcing the company to push back the ship date of the fitness tracker by one month. Since the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 hasn't officially been unveiled yet, we don't see this as a huge issue. Full product details are still...
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    Xiaomi Mi Max and Mi Band 2 leak ahead of announcement

    Xiaomi's latest devices have leaked in yet another pre-launch spillage. The Xiaomi Mi Max is being viewed from another angle, with the device's slim profile and metal frame being shown off this tie. We also get another look at Xiaomi's Mi Band 2, a fitness wearable with a minimal display for...
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    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 shown off by company's CEO ahead of official unveiling

    Xiaomi has not announced its Mi Band 2 yet, but the company's CEO has shared an image of the fitness tracker. While the original Mi Band was extremely minimalist, the Mi Band 2 will be significantly different. The image shows that the Mi Band 2 will sport a small display and a physical button on...