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xiaomi mi box

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    Xiaomi Mi Box review says it's okay for a budget device

    The Xiaomi Mi Box is a $69 Android TV box that's capable of streaming 4K video. However, Android Central's review of the box says it doesn't offer the best Android TV experience you can get.
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    Comparison between the Chromecast Ultra and Xiaomi Mi Box says they both have advantages

    Andrew from Android Central just published a comparison article that focuses on the Chromecast Ultra and Xiaomi Mi Box. He feels the Chromecast Ultra is nice for those who don't mind the simplicity of a Chromecast, but acknowledges that the Mi Box is great for someone who wants a standalone...
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    The Xiaomi Mi Box has performance issues when streaming in 4K

    Xiaomi's Mi Box has been found to have issues when streaming in 4K. In order to fix this issue, you can switch the streaming options back to 1080p and the device will have fewer issues.
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    Xiaomi Mi Box review says it's the best deal for an Android TV

    Android Police has published its full review of the Xiaomi Mi Box and states that the device gets the job done without getting in anyone's way. The review also states that the device is the cheapest option to tinker with Android TV.
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    Xiaomi's Mi Box is now available

    Xiaomi has started selling the Mi Box in the USA today. The Android TV box costs just $69 and offers the ability to play video in up to 4K resolution. This is also notably Xiaomi's first product launch in the US.
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    Hands-on: Xiaomi Mi Box

    It wasn't long after the Xiaomi Mi Box was spotted on WalMart shelves that the device got handled on video for the world to see. At $70 - and with a bunch of coupons bundled in - it claims to be a step up from the Chromecast and runs Android Marshmallow.
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    Xiaomi's Mi Box has been spotted at Walmart for $70

    At Google I/O this year, Xiaomi announced they would be launching an Android TV box in the United States later this year. A comment over at Android Police shows what seems to be the retail box for this device on a Walmart shelf for only $70.
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    Xiaomi Mi Box with Android TV passes through FCC

    Xiaomi's Mi Box with Android TV has been spotted at the FCC. The Android TV box was already announced at Google I/O 2016. This should mean an announcement will soon be made in terms of availability.
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    Xiaomi announces the Android TV Mi Box, says it's coming to the United States

    Xiaomi had previously released a Mi Box that was running a full version of Android with the company's MIUI TV skin overlaying it. The new Mi Box that was just announced today will be running Android TV and is confirmed to have the following features. . . - 60fps 4K video decoding - HDR10 and...