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  1. A

    [I disabled all alerts] Sony Xperia 5 III XQ-BQ62_61.0.A.15.45 Andoid 11 Root

    I disabled all alerts on my Sony Xperia 5 III XQ-BQ62_61.0.A.15.45 Andoid 11 Root adb reboot disemmcwp < Not sure if this helped, did it anyways. or Temux su reboot disemmcwp I adb disabled the two and then even uninstalled them :/. adb shell pm disable-user --user 0...
  2. S

    Help cannot restore SMS message

    i had xperia L1. It died. I backed up files with dr fone and also copied to the computer just as folders in explorer. I cannot see how to restore my sms though or any file. The Sms are the most importan i can copy the photos etc. the sms are unusual files as far as i underdstand
  3. RhinoCan

    Phone doesn't ring on incoming call - sometimes

    I'm trying to help my brother with a problem he's having with his phone. He's experienced some situations where the phone doesn't ring when someone calls. For example, the other day, he happened to have it sitting face up on his desk when a call came in and he noticed the screen change. Another...
  4. Android News

    Sony announces Xperia Hello! assistant

    Sony has announced a new digital assistant in the vein of Amazon Alexa called the Xperia Hello! communication robot.
  5. Android News

    Polish retail listing reveals more about Sony's upcoming phones

    A listing on a Polish retailer has revealed more about Sony's upcoming flagship smartphones. The Sony G8341 will be available in black, blue, pink and silver.
  6. Android News

    Android O-powered Sony Xperia phones revealed by user agent profiles

    Two mysterious Sony Xperia phones have been revealed by their user agent profiles, with the most notable thing about these devices being that they're already running Android O.
  7. N

    Help sign in using previous owners...

    So I just bought a phone and I am trying to get into recovery etc. I want to install AOSP rom for my Xperia Z. I can't get into recovery because there is no PINK led for me to start pressing the volume keys. but is all of that irrelevant? I can't sign in using my google account, I have to sign...
  8. N

    Help Ads on phone, they gave me an option to opt out, but...

    Help, I got ads yesterday on my phone and I get them ranging from banners, to taking up the whole screen. Its on every app including the homescreen. I got a banner today that said "Opt out" beneath it, I cliked on it and it pretty much said this "Download opt-out app or Opt out manually" for...
  9. Android News

    Sony slates MWC 2017 press conference for February 27

    Sony has announced its press conference at MWC 2017 will take place on February 27th. The company is expected to reveal at least two next-gen mobile devices and updates to its current Xperia devices.
  10. Android News

    Pre-orders for Xperia Ear open in Europe at £179/€199

    Sony is now accepting pre-orders for Xperia Ear in Europe. The in-ear personal assistant is available exclusively online and will be priced at £179 in the UK and €199 in Europe. Along with the pre-order, Sony is including a voucher for €50 off the purchase of any Xperia phone on the Xperia Store.
  11. Y

    Help Need help with updating android for pokemon go

    Hello, I know how to root my Xperia V (its rooted already) and so, but heres my problem: Like so many other people, i want to play this Pokémon Go game, and it requires Android 4.4 (or higher). My Xperia V is 4.3 (9.2.A.2.5) but I need to upgrade android to 4.4 at least, but I would like to...
  12. M

    Help Suddenly can't write to SD card anymore

    Hi all, I have an Xperia Z1C and a 64GB SD card running Android 5. All has been well for a long time until a couple of days ago when I was transferring an app to the SD card and the phone crashed and rebooted. Since then I had files disappear when I tried to write them to the SD card, and now I...
  13. Android News

    Sony makes the highest profit per smartphone, on average

    If you've ever wondered who makes the most profit on selling phones, you may be surprised to learn that it's actually Sony. A study shows that they make around $26 per smartphone sold. The closest competitor is Samsung at $23. Of course, pure profit doesn't mean a whole ton when it comes to...
  14. Android News

    Stamina Mode will return to Sony Xperia devices running Marshmallow

    Everyone loves Doze Mode in Android Marshmallow, but Sony has been doing something similar for a long time. They called it "Stamina," and it has been around for 3 years. Stamina mode was removed in the latest Xperia Marshmallow update, but it could be making a return. Sony Japan says Stamina...
  15. Android News

    XDA developers port the Xperia xMarshmallow Concept Launcher to non-Sony devices

    Sony's Concept home launcher can not be installed on pretty much any Android device as long as it's running Android 5.0 or higher. The launcher can be downloaded from XDA and supports icon pack customization through Google Play.