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  1. Twisted4k

    Yahoo Mail App Not Showing Notifications?

    I was swiping away notifications from my Yahoo Mail app on my HTC U11 phone and a message eventually appeared asking something along the lines of "we noticed you're swiping away notifications from this app, would you no longer like to receive them?" and I accidentally hit "yes". So now I no...
  2. Android News

    Yahoo is shutting down Aviate Launcher

    In a blog post, Yahoo said Aviate will no longer receive new content in the Smart Stream after March 8th. The launcher will also not receive future updates or support.
  3. Android News

    Yahoo ends support for Aviate Launcher on March 8

    Yahoo has announced it will end support for its Aviate launcher on March 8th. You will no longer see new content in the stream, and Aviate will not be supported or updated.
  4. Android News

    Verizon signs new NFL deal for Yahoo Sports

    Verizon and the NFL have inked a new deal that will allow anyone to stream NFL games directly from Yahoo and the Yahoo Sports apps.
  5. Android News

    Yahoo's 2013 hack impacted all 3 billion accounts

    Last year Yahoo announced 1 billion accounts were affected by the 2013 hack, today the company has revealed the number was much higher. All 3 billion Yahoo accounts were affected.
  6. Android News

    Verizon has completed its acquisition of Yahoo

    Verizon has completed its $4.48 billion acquisition of Yahoo. As part of the deal, current Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will step down. More than 2,000 jobs are expected to be cut now that the acquisition is complete.
  7. Android News

    Yahoobleed is what they're calling a flaw that leaked private e-mail attachments and credentials

    Yahoo has been under fire for the multiple security issues they've been having over the last couple of years. A new vulnerability was discovered that leaked chunks of Yahoo server memory after a tiny 18-byte file was opened.
  8. Android News

    Yahoo Mail update brings support for new mail services

    A new update for Yahoo mail adds support for AOL and Outlook users. There are no other known changes.
  9. Android News

    Once the merger happens Verizon will rebrand Yahoo and AOL into Oath

    The names Yahoo and AOL have become rather tarnished over the years and Verizon plans to change things up once the deal with Yahoo is complete. So assuming everything goes through, the new name for these two entities will simply be Oath.
  10. Android News

    Yahoo hackers accessed 32 million accounts with forged cookies

    According to a new report, Yahoo says that 32 million accounts were accessed during the 2014 breach of the company's private data through the use of forged cookies.
  11. Android News

    Some of Yahoo's systems may still be compromised

    Engineers working on the Yahoo and Verizon merger have discovered that some of Yahoo's systems may still be compromised which will cause problems when it comes to integrating into Verizon's AOL unit.
  12. Android News

    Verizon will purchase Yahoo for $350 million less

    Due to security breaches, Verizon will acquire Yahoo for $350 million less than the original offer. The acquisition is expected to be completed in Q2 2017.
  13. Android News

    Yahoo warns of forged cookies that could have been used to steal user accounts and passwords

    Yahoo made two huge hacking attacks public last year and it seems they're still having issues getting it wrapped up. Now, they're sending messages to recent users of the service that "a forged cookie may have been used in 2015 or 2016 to access your account."
  14. Android News

    Latest Yahoo Mail update adds caller ID, and will now sync photos across devices

    Yahoo is rolling out a big update to their mail application that adds a couple of big changes. The first is a new caller ID feature for incoming calls, and the second is the ability to access your device's photos directly from the desktop mail portal.
  15. Android News

    SEC is investigating Yahoo over response to hacks

    The SEC is probing Yahoo to see if there was any wrongdoing in the company's delayed communication regarding customer hacks. Yahoo breaches over the past 2 years were said to have compromised over a billion user accounts. The SEC is investigating to see if Yahoo broke business rules in an...
  16. Android News

    Yahoo's Flickr app will now let you sign up without a Yahoo account

    Yahoo has just pushed out a new update to their Flickr application that lets you use it without forcing you to have a Yahoo account. This update also comes with the following changes. . . - Stability and performance enhancements. - Follow your groups straight from your feed with new groups...
  17. Android News

    Yahoo says they've had another security breach, over one billion accounts affected

    Earlier this year, Yahoo had a major security breach where over 500 million accounts were affected. The company has just announced a new security breach and believes at least 1 billion accounts are affected this time.
  18. Android News

    Yahoo launches a dedicated app for its Yahoo Answers Q&A community

    Yahoo has just launched a new application called Answers Now. This application will act as a dedicated front end for their Yahoo Answers platform and has the following features. . . - Matching: When you ask a question, we route it to qualified responders who have the experiences and expertise...
  19. Android News

    Yahoo says the majority of Flickr photo uploads are coming from smartphones

    Flickr is a popular photo hosting and sharing website, and the evolution of smartphone cameras has led to an increase in usage. The company just announced that close to 50% of all photo uploads are coming directly from smartphones.
  20. Android News

    Yahoo staff claim to have known of the huge breach in 2014

    An independent committee has revealed that various Yahoo employees were aware of the mega breach that occurred in 2014. The committee is still trying to determine how much information was known amongst employees.
  21. Android News

    Yahoo Bots consolidates all the company's bots into a single app

    Yahoo has consolidated all of its AI bots into a single app called Yahoo Bots. Within the app, you'll find News, Weather, Finance and even Blitz - a new bot which will help you will your Fantast Football teams.
  22. Android News

    Yahoo publishes Yahoo View in the Play Store, features free Hulu TV show clips

    Yahoo has just published a new free application in the Play Store. The app contains "trending TV clips" from Hulu and other video sources.
  23. Android News

    Verizon CEO states that rumors of Yahoo discount are "pure speculation"

    It has been reported that Verizon was looking to shave $1 billion off the purchase of Yahoo, but these claims are being refuted by the CEO of Verizon.
  24. Android News

    Verizon is reportedly looking for a $1 billion discount on Yahoo

    The Verizon/Yahoo acquisition is still pending, and Verizon would like a bit of a discount thanks to recent findings. Due to the recent reports of hacking and spying from the US government, Verizon feels they should only have to pay $3.8 billion instead of the original $4.8 billion.
  25. Android News

    Yahoo reportedly gave the NSA/FBI access to hundreds of millions of email accounts

    Reuters has been in touch with two sources that claim Yahoo secretly gave US intelligence agencies access to millions of users' email accounts. To do so, Yahoo created custom software that the officials could use to search the contents of the emails.