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youtube red

  1. Android News

    Deal: Get an Nvidia SHIELD TV with three months of YouTube Red for $149

    Amazon is offering the Nvidia SHIELD TV for only $149 today. It also comes with three months of YouTube Red, which includes access to Google Play Music.
  2. Android News

    YouTube makes a few of its Red Originals free for the holidays

    Starting today through January 2nd, YouTube is making five of its family-friendly YouTube Red originals completely free for viewing on the YouTube Kids app.
  3. Android News

    How to get YouTube PiP mode without YouTube Red on any device

    Want YouTube picture-in-picture without having to wait for Android Oreo or be a YouTube Red subscriber? Check out this third-party app that does it all.
  4. Android News

    Google Play Music and YouTube Red will merge

    The head of YouTube has confirmed that Google Play Music and YouTube Red will soon be merged into one service.
  5. Android News

    Here's a look at the 2017 lineup for YouTube Red Originals

    Google has announced 6 new shows that are coming to YouTube's 2017 lineup of Red Original shows.
  6. Android News

    Some are seeing full-screen ads for YouTube Red originals in the YouTube app

    Google is trying to bring more attention to their YouTube Red originals by putting full screen advertisements inside the YouTube application.
  7. Android News

    DEAL: Google is offering new customers 4 months of Google Play Music and YouTube Red for free

    If you've never been a Google Play Music or YouTube Red subscriber before, Google has a new promotion where you can try out the service for free for 4 months.
  8. Android News

    YouTube Red now available in South Korea

    YouTube Red has been available in the US, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico for a while now. South Korea will be the fifth country to join that list, as evidenced by a new listing on Google's support page for the service.
  9. Android News

    YouTube Red is rumored to be growing slower than Tidal

    A new report that cites "multiple sources with knowledge of the situation," says Google was been able to gain 1.5 million subscribers by the end of the summer. On top of the 1 million trial users, The Verge says Google is struggling since Tidal was able to get 2.1 million subscribers in its...
  10. Android News

    Google brings YouTube Red to Mexico

    Google is constantly working to make their services available in more countries and today YouTube Red was made available in Mexico.
  11. Android News

    For those who signed up for the 3-month YouTube Red promo, it ends today

    When Google launched YouTube Red, they announced a 3-month promotion to get people to try out the service. If this was you, then be aware that tomorrow you will be charged for a month of service unless you cancel before the end of the day.
  12. Android News

    YouTube Red now supports YouTube Kids

    Google has announced YouTube Red for YouTube Kids. It will work just like it does for regular YouTube, including offline videos, no ads, and background music.
  13. Android News

    YouTube Red's first big TV series will be a spinoff of Step Up

    YouTube has been doing a number of things to get its subscription service up and running, but today we learn about the company's first big TV series. Step Up is a dance movie from Lionsgate, and it will be the basis of the upcoming TV series. Only one season is confirmed for now, and it will...
  14. admyrick

    Google appears to be giving away free Chromecasts to select YouTube Red subscribers

    If you're a YouTube Red subscriber, you are already getting a pretty sweet deal for only $10 a month. Now it seems that Google is trying to give everyone an awesome deal by giving away Chromecasts. This deal is being sent to those who just signed up for YouTube Red through the 99 cent deal...
  15. Android News

    Google brings YouTube Red to Australia and New Zealand

    Google launched YouTube Red in the United States back in October of last year and it's been exclusive there every since then. Recently though, Google has added both Australia and New Zealand to their list of available locations to YouTube Red's support documents.
  16. Android News

    Latest YouTube Music update adds a couple of new features to bring the service up to par

    In the latest update of YouTube Music, Google has added the ability to see more songs and albums from a specific artist, as well as the ability toggle Wi-Fi only streaming.
  17. Android News

    Music streaming services compared, Apple Music vs Spotify vs Google Play Music All Access

    Joe of Android Authority takes a look at three big players in Android's online music streaming service. . .Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play Music All Access He feels Google Play Music All Access wins because it also gives you access to YouTube Red and this alone gives the user so much more...
  18. Android News

    YouTube Red's first original series are now available

    YouTube has announced that the original series being made for YouTube Red are now available. The series include content PewDiePie, Rooster Teeth, AwesomenessTV and more.
  19. Android News

    Canadian User Notices Youtube Red is Working on Their Device

    While it could very well be a glitch at this time(no one else is reporting it just yet), but at least one Canadian users has shown YouTube Red to be working on their device. If true, this would be a surprising treat for Canadians who have been begging Google to bring the service to them.
  20. Android News

    After Being Switched to YouTube Red, Some YouTube Music Key Beta Users Have Lost Their GPM Subs

    Before YouTube Red, Google experimented with a service called YouTube Music Key. With the launch of YouTube Red though, these beta customers have been switched to the new service which is also supposed to come with a subscription to Google Play Music. However, some of these users are reporting...
  21. Android News

    YouTube Red Is Live

    YouTube's ad-free subscription is now live. Sign up for a free trial now.
  22. Android News

    Early Google Play Music subscribers get to keep $7.99 price and still use YouTube Red

    Emails are starting to go out to early Google Play Music subscribers regarding YouTube Red and their special $7.99 monthly price. Google says those folks will be receiving full benefits of YouTube Red, and they'll even get a free month of service.
  23. Android News

    Google Launches a YouTube Music App with YouTube Red

    Earlier today Google unveiled YouTube Red, an ad-free video subscription service with a bunch of extra perks thrown into the mix. That’s not the only new addition to the YouTube family howeve, as Google is also getting ready to launch YouTube Music on October 28th, alongside Red.
  24. Android News

    YouTube Red announced: $9.99 subscription for ad-free premium original content

    Google and YouTube have officially revealed YouTube Red and the first bit of content you'll be able to subscribe to for $9.99 per month. It includes content from PewDiePie, Toby Turner and more