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1944 Brogan Doodlebug


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Dec 9, 2022
Illinois Home & Tennessee RV Home
1944 Brogan Doodlebug, 10 horsepower motor, up to 45 miles per hour and up to 70 miles per gallon

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I remember Drivers Ed in high school in the late 1970s and we each had that little car interior with seat, pedals, wheel and dashboard. It was some incredible solid-state circuitry that measured each student's response time to the film being projected on the screen. But it worked!
During the 70's around here, our school had an actual car. Some cramped midsize something or another. I think that during the semester we got to drive ONCE.

We all lived too
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We had a station wagon to drive. I recall we each drove three or four times and then we drove a given route as part of our final. We spent the rest of the semester in the simulators or studying the rules of the road. I had been driving illegal for a couple of years but passing the class decreased a young male's auto insurance premium. Time well spent.
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I remember my freshman year in high school my coach asked if any anyone could drive. He needed his personal car home as well as a school station wagon. He drove a brand new Chevy Impala SS. I immediately volunteered being as my home was fairly close to his. Me and some teammates went cruising in style in his car and managed to get it to his house without tearing it up. He would have crapped green apples if he knew I did not have a license or insurance. :)
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