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Nov 9, 2009
Have recently been noticing my phone saying 1g alot in Philadelphia and South Jersey. Any one else noticing this? Any ideas as to why i would only be getting 1 g coverage.

Also whats the deal with the google nav update? Is that coming with 2.0 or will we get it in the current OS?

my buddy has a my touch on tmobile and he got it already.
so if its 1x it doesn't necessarily mean i'm not still getting 3g?

most likeley you aren't getting 3g on 1x since verizon is the one with the big 3g network. since this has to do with the fcc. extended networks probably don't have 3g due to signal interferance if they are near a verizon node due to the same bandwidths. fcc controls where those 3g towers are and if it blocks thier perfered cell service then no 3g for you.
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