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Root [2.1 ROM - 1.2Ghz] Simply Stunning ESE53 Build - (3/7/2010)

I moved to this this afternoon when my ultimate6.1 ese53 melted on me.... shortly after i realized he released 6.3... although i think my issues were jit related which changes nothing with the 6.3 update.

So far... im running great... i pushed the 1.1 kernel and it's smooth. .. no FC's no battery pulls.

One observation... and this is in general... not really pertaining to any specific rom. Live backgrounds is not altogether stable...it eats memory... burns battery faster... runs hotter...and generally is buggy and slows things down more. Not to say it's not cool...and still runs fairly smooth... because it does... but I am finding more and more that I'm better off without it.
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Yeah make sure you wipe when you flash this for sure.

Wut? :thinking: Why the hell would I wipe first?

Nandroid Installation Instructions:

-NO data wiping required if using 2.1 now - your settings and apps stay intact, just like update.zip
-It is strongly suggested to nandroid-backup your current ROM before doing anything!
-Extract the files from the archive using WinRAR or a similar program
-Place the extracted folder (the ROM) into the "nandroid" folder on your sdcard
-Reboot into recovery mode
-Advanced Nandroid Restore
-Choose backup (select the ROM)
-Perform Restore

Do not worry that it shows 'data' as automatically being selected. It doesn't matter, as no data partition is in this nandroid backup.
Your data is safe and will not be touched!
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I just loaded this room and I went to SetCPU and max MHZ can be set at 550. but on the instalation notes I saw that it comes with a 5 slot kernel to set it up from 125-1200 MHZ. How do you enable the kernel? do I have to change to a different profile on the SetCPU? I'm sorry in advance I'm a noob still on the OC deparment :p

When you first run SetCPU after installing this romkernel you need to go to menu and click Device Selection and choose Auto Detect to get higher than stock sppeds detected.
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