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Help 2.1 Start-up screen


May 16, 2010
I was just wondering - on the 2.1 leak I have the bare-bones looking white screen with the yellow letters on it saying "HTC" when I boot up my phone.

I miss the silver on black logo with the little green android guy waving at me. Anyone know if its possible to get that screen back?

Obviously... not a critical issue... but I did think the previous loading screen was a nice touch.
Yup - I miss him too.

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There's plenty of discussion in another forum about customizing boot animation. You can even do it without root access, just need to push your custom bootanimation.zip file to /data/local directory using adb. If you have root access, you can replace the sprint default boot animation located in /system/media/. Just do a google search for bootanimation.zip and you will see plenty of instructions and ready made boot animations. I'm actually in the process of creating my own custom boot too. I miss the android waiving. I also like to see it back.
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2.1 has a lame boot appearance and really did nothing but cause the weather app to not work as good. Bring back 1.5 or get 2.2 ready and don't screw it up.
It made it look boring and actually seems to take longer to boot. Booooooo tooooo twoooo . one
Reminds me of all the hype people praised Windows Vista and then POOF. Nada. POS it was.
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For those people who miss the original 1.5 boot animation with htc and hero android animation, I've created one for 2.1. Just push using adb to /data/local/ so you keep your original 2.1 boot animation in case you don't like this one.


This is fantastic! The only thing that really bugged me about the 2.1 update was the loss of the waving little guy, and how the word NOW stayed on the screen. Now he's back, better than ever, and the cheap-looking Sprint animation is gone.

This was so easy I might even make a start up screen of my own.
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