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2.1 Update broke my Contacts!

I did the over the air 2.1 update and now my People app sync'd all 2000 of my Gmail contacts and there appears to be *no* option to sync just the 'My Contacts' group of my Gmail account! There was an option for that in Eris 1.5 (although I remember it being a little hard to find).
But I've searched everywhere, and there is no "Sync Groups" option on any of the tabs of the People app. I also tried wiping the Contacts Storage app and resyncing, but that was no help. There are no options in Settings->Accounts & Sync either.

This is a crippling regression bug, how could they have shipped the 2.1 update like this? Or am I just missing some hidden sync option? I hope so... anyone know?
Fyi, I called Verizon and they connected me to HTC support and they told me how to fix it - apparently there is an option "Show auto Gmail contacts" under People -> Menu -> View, and if you uncheck that it will remove all the automatic email-only Gmail contacts.

So this is a change in UI from 1.5 and I'm not sure that unchecked "show auto Gmail contacts" is exactly the same as syncing only the My Contacts group, but it appears to be effectively the same.

Pretty poor discoverability on this UI, but I'm glad the option is still there!
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