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2.2 on HTC Evo 4g?

So the htc evo 4g has 2.1, and like I was at the IO conference, and got the phone for free :D
But anywho, they were showing off all the awesome stuff, but they aren't giving us 2.2 yet lol...

So does anybody know if I can flash the Nexus's 2.2 on my HTC Evo 4g? Or on my Droid?
I mean I don't see why I can't...
I don't care for Sense UI.
That's pretty lame, I thought the hardware inside was pretty much identical, other than like the camera, and hdmi out and stuff like that. Also there is no CDMA version of the Nexus? I didn't know that actually.

Also I could brick my phone just by putting the updflash.zip on the root of my sdcard and flash it? That seems a little dangerous to me.
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