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2 email notifications per received email


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Dec 8, 2009
Did a search, didn't find what I'm looking for. I have only one email account, a gmail account, set up on my Eris. I would have my Yahoo set up as well, but for some reason it says my account info is wrong.
Anyway, I get 1 notification for each of the email systems in the phone. 1 seems to be through HTC or a widget or something, 1 is the gmail app or whatever it's called. I've only had this phone for 3 days, and I love it. Thanks for any help in advance.
If it's any help, I'd like to only use the htc one as the keyboard seems more responsive as far as the auto-correction goes, and the layout is more simple and easier for me to read.
Hey I just got my Droid yesterday and I love it. But enough about my and now about you.....

[UPDATE: You do NOT need a Paid Yahoo Plus account for this to work... the example below is done with a FREE Yahoo Mail account:]
Setting up your Yahoo!

  1. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned off
  2. Press the E-Mail icon (the default Android E-Mail application)
  3. Enter your Yahoo E-Mail address and password
  4. Press
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