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Help 3g on and off

I honestly have no idea of what you are asking here. You can't connect to the internet? What do you mean by "while on the internet goes off"?

as for wifi and 3g...if the wifi is on, but not connected, your phone will connect to 3g. During this time your wifi will continue to scan for a connection. Once connected to wifi the 3g connection will go idle/turn off
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Sounds like the same problem I had a month or so ago...3G would cut on and off at random, killing my battery and obviously screwing with anything that required the data connection.

I ended up backing up, wiping the phone, and starting from scratch. Now all is well.

Not sure if wiping was necessary, but I was never able to confirm what the exact issue might have been, and got no help from Sprint in finding out whether it was a problem with my phone or their service.
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Make sure your Profile and PRL are updated. It could be that there has been maintenance on the tower(s) near you. Another thing you might want to try is to Turn On, then Turn Off 4G. The phone will default back to 3G when 4G is on but not getting signal and then stay on 3G when 4G is turned off. Might not do anything, but it's worth a try.

Is it happening anywhere you go or just from one location?
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