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3G speeds in UK today (3 UK)

Very impressive results

I'm with Vodafone and am getting 3.51 mbps. What's worse is my broadband is only 1.51 mbps

Something seriously wrong me thinks. Think time has come to leave sky broadband and get myself on a decent unlimited data plan. Just not sure which network would be best in my area
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I dont have home broadband so its lucky my data speeds are ok. Plus its dirt cheap. I used to be with GiffGaff who are even cheaper for unlimited data and run off the o2 carrier so they have great coverage but it wasnt as fast as 3 where i live plus they dont like you tethering. 3 dont seem to care lol :)

Tonight im down to a more leisurely 3mb down. Hopefully one day theyll be able to sustain the high speeds :beer:
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Still so freaking jealous of those speeds.

As I've said before, I'd give anything to have speeds anywhere close to that lol


This is what I deal with on a daily basis, sometimes slower. Courtesy of Sprint :banghead:
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Regarding tethering what would be better for the battery? I want to connect my tablet to my galaxy s3

At the minute I've turned my galaxy s3 into a Wi-Fi hotspot rather than having the Bluetooth turned on both devices

I have a feeling wifi is more efficient than bluetooth but USB tethering would be the best. i use wifi hot spot.

Aww poor dragon slayer. Want me to turn my hotspot on for u mate? :beer:
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I get 15 odd only near the office, home is a mere 2Mb/s when I am lucky .. but if "3" doesn't get their act together then I might change after all .. They have outages for months now and getting sick and tired of their useless tech-support or the coverage map showing 100% of awesomeness when there isn't a connection at all.
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