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4g in dallas area/texas in general


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May 8, 2010
Dallas Texas
Has anybody here used 4g in the dallas area? I haven't and i want to know how good/bad the reception is. I looked at the coverage area map and the areas im in are "blanketed" with 4g...but with recent threads about how its hard to get a solid 4g connection i was wondering how it is in this area(dallas)...i would think it would be very good here b/c if im not mistaken dallas was one of the first to receive wimax so theyve had time to set it up.
Austin has/had great 3G coverage. Used Sprint card for 2 years never had a problem with reception. Travel for a living and always had 3g for the whole 35 corridor from Dallas to San Antonio. Just hoping the 4g coverage will be similar. Texas was one of the first markets so Im sure reception wont be a problem.. I had the Clear folks come to my house pushing the Home plans they have. Told him about getting the EVO instead and he replied 'yeah we've been hearing that alot'. Assured me that coverage was no problem throughout Metro Austin.
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