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5 HRS 55 MIN to charge

Most USB chargers provide about 800mA, this is also true for some car chargers and wall chargers. The best that I know of is 2A of current and this will not be from a computer USB, only car or wall outlet type chargers. The more current the charger has the faster the charge rate. Something to think about when shopping for a charger.

Also, if the phone has GPS on and is constantly syncing data such as email to Google or another server, the phone will draw more power leaving less charge current for the battery. This will increase charge time considerably. One of my car chargers is only 800mA and will barely charge the battery when using Google maps for car navigation. This would happen with any smart phone. I got a 2A car charger and it helps a lot but still does not charge as fast as when the phone is idle.

Posted with my Thunderdbolt.
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