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A few questions on HD video playback (and maximum resolution supported)


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Feb 4, 2010
Hi all,

I have a few questions on video playback (hd and not) on the s2.
I understand the S2 should be able to play most video formats (avi, dvix, xvid, h.264 in mp4 and mkv, etc).

This may be a very banal question, but videos up to what resolution can be played? I thought the maximum resolution of the s2 was 800x480, but I read posts of users who managed to play 1080x720 video, so I am confused. Do players automatically "downscale" the video to 800x480? Does this require more cpu and therefore more battery than a native 800x480 video?

Also, what is your favourite video player? I don't mind paying a bit if the app is worth it. I'd like to be able to play idx/sub subtitles (embedded in mkv or as external files) and to choose from different audio streams (e.g. multiple languages).

Hi cdl, I can answer your questions:

On the phone the videos will display at 800x480, via MHL they can be output to external monitors/HDTV at 720 and 1080p.

The best video player for the Galaxy S II is Diceplayer. Flawless video playback, all the subtitles options you're after, its great.

Some stuff for you to watch:

Video playback Samsung Galaxy S II (SGSII) Vs HTC Sensation - YouTube

(also head to the Clove Blog to see the article that goes with that video, lots more information on codecs/bitrates etc - here)
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