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A Frosty Game For Xmas Inspired By Ice Climber ⛏️


Dec 23, 2021
Inspired by the arcade version of the classic game Ice Climber, play as the loveable (but clumsy!) daredevil mountain climber Dinky as you smash blocks and defeat enemies to rack up huge score bonuses and increase the money in your Ice Bank.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TheoTGames.DinkyClimber

UNIQUE WAGER SYSTEM: Wager on yourself before the start of each run using the funds in your Ice Bank. As you play, you’ll earn a level score by destroying blocks and by wiping out enemies. When you reach the top of each level, you’ll receive double your earnings plus a score bonus.

SIMPLE TAP CONTROLS: Move, jump, attack and climb ropes by simply tapping the screen!

VARIETY OF TRACKS & SFX’S: Music is jaunty, zany and manic, just like Dinky’s journey to the top of the mountains! SFX’s include attacks, spike drops and level win sounds.

TONS OF ENEMIES & TRAPS TO OVERCOME: Enemies you’ll encounter include wolves and eagles, each with their own behaviours and unique stats including health, speed, damage dealt and attack range variables. Watch your step to avoid the deadly icicles that’ll fall on Dinky if he steps below them!

RACK-UP HUGE LEVEL SCORES: In Dinky Climber different block types have different properties including score points given when destroyed and number of hits before being destroyed.

CLEAN 3D VISUALS: All characters and block units are presented in 3D and the game contains simple, ice-themed UI and block designs.

UNIQUE ITEMS: When enemies fall to the might of Dinky’s pickaxes, each enemy has a chance of dropping one of three unique items including a health pack, a bigger weapon power-up or an invincibility power-up. In addition, Dinky has 3 ropes to utilize throughout each mission, making sure the climb is that bit easier!

⛔NO IAPS, NO REAL MONEY: All money in Dinky Climber is virtual and is earned by playing the game. This app contains no IAPs (in-app purchases) and no real-money purchases.


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