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a problem that is driving me nuts


Nov 28, 2009
Hi ive had my g2 touch for about 2 weeks now and every since i got it, nearly once everyday is is saying "sorry the process system has stopped unexpectedly try again, i press force close,it says the same thing over and over again not letting me do anything.

I have to turn of the phopne and turn it back on a gain everytime.
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My suggestion is to update your software to the latest.
First of all you need to download HTC Sync HTC Sync upgrade (V2.0.8) for Magic, Hero & Tattoo
Then download the latest software ROM Upgrade for HTC Hero_2.73.405.5 and update your phone.

Please note that all contacts/messages/settings will be erased so make a back up on it.

If you have any problems updating your Hero please ask here as we are always happy to help.
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before i do this shit i wanan get some things clear lol

1. Will this delete my contacts becoz i stored them all on the phone not sim. If it will delete the contacts how do i backthem up to later import them somehow.?
2. i dont care about the applications but will they get deleted too?
3. once the rom is updated i dont know my google sign in thingy when i first baught my android so whats gonna happen?
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