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About to update... idiot needs help

Ok, my girlfriend and I have our update now, so I've got two of these things to do.

Why is the simplest way to save the contacts that I use to call people? I have no idea what Google contacts and this sync stuff is that I've read about. Also, what is the simplest way to save the apps that I have?
i just finished my download- install 2 apps the first on is "ASTRO"file manager and that will backup your aps onto your SD card and the other app is "CONTACT SYNC" which will change all your contacts to google contacts so they save on the google system. Took me about 1/2 hr for the download and another 1/2 hr playing and re-adjusting everything. Good luck!
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touch your "people widget" press menu > view to see if they are listed as google or people contacts. If they are google all of your contacts will re sync after the update is complete and you setup your google account info on your phone again.

You can also do the same people > menu > import/export contacts to your SD card and then reinstall later.

Your apps should show up again when you open the Market, you just need to reinstall. It takes a little time, but I would rather have the newest install on a new OS instead of reusing settings/apps from the 1.5
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