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AC adapter charged a depleted battery. Wall USB charger would not.

I bought an HTC phone on eBay that, disappointingly, would not power on due to a completely drained battery. I tried all the simple fixes I found, including leaving it on the charger plugged into the wall for an extended period of time, holding the power button, holding power and volume down, leaving the battery out for a while, and so on.

I went ahead and contacted the eBay seller who agreed to send me a new battery as he most likely didn't turn the phone off before shipping and somehow the battery drained fully.

Today, however, anxious to use my phone after having it sit around useless for a couple days, I stumbled across a post about putting the battery in the freezer. And I proceeded to do so, for no more than a couple minutes, just enough to get it cool. Put it in the phone, plugged it in and--unsure if I had even left it in the freezer long enough--I pushed the power button and...nothing. Same seemingly random LED sequence--dull red, red, red, and then no LED for a few seconds, before the process repeats.

But then I remember an idea I had right as I was first trying to charge the battery. I went and grabbed my Samsung AC adapter wall charger (the kind that's one complete piece, inseparable). Plugged it into the wall and the phone when I get a nice bright red LED that lasted quite a while. Then it starts blinking at frequent intervals. Then it turns solid.

Phone powered on.

So in this instance I'm not sure whether it was the freezer trick, the AC adapter, or a combination of both. It seemed likely that the AC adapter supplies more power than the adapter & USB cable connected together. But looking at the specs on both chargers, the HTC adapter actually supplies 1 amp, versus Samsung's 0.7.

I'm thinking maybe the USB cord is the limitation?

HTC wall adapter:
  • INPUT: 100-240V~ 200mA 50-60Hz
  • OUTPUT: 5V==1A
Samsung AC charger:
  • INPUT: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz 0.15A
  • OUTPUT: 5.0V == 0.7A


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