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adding music, not being seen in Music Player


Dec 15, 2009

Been adding songs regularly to my g1 with 8 gig micro SD by way of USB-> mount - place in Music Folder. One day I noticed that some songs were not appearing in the Music Player. I deleted the files and tried again; you can seem them in the app astro once the SD card is loaded and can play them in astro but they don't appear in Music player. I then decided to delete all the mp3s and reload all of them. I get maybe 10 songs about of the 200 or so. What is going on?

I noticed under manage applications there's music and media storage, I Cleared them and it helped a little BUT still no luck getting all the songs back.

The mp3 files seem not to be corrupt; I can play them on my computer just fine and in Astro. Do i need to use some syncing software? :thinking:
well, i found out myself what it was. Seems to be there is a max file limit for mp3 files. I am not certain what exactly it is, maybe 100 megabytes or so. Someone enlighten us with the specs please? So once i deleted the non- corrupt but too big of file dance mix mp3 file, all files were being added again. I'm very disappointed. looks like my zune still has a job to do. :rolleyes:
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