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Advice on a calendar app that searches through the entire history


Jun 22, 2015
Currently I am using the Samsung Calendar app. When searching for (very) old entries I need to tap on a button : Tap here to view events before ..." (e.g. Aug 11 2023)
I almost endlessly need to tap-tap-tap-tap.... In the end I may get what I was looking for, or, may be even not, as may be I have used the wrong search string hence I have been tapping and tapping for nothing.

Regretfully, so far, there is no way to search entries 'before' a specific date, or a time-range, or actually have an option to search thru all entries.

I have been reading many reviews on calendar apps and almost all are 'great'.
OTOH I hesitate to install them all just to see if either one of them have such features, i.e. search all entries, not just recent ones.

Any suggestions?

(Samsung S10, Android 12, PC: Office 365, Outlook Exchange)
Try aCalendar. I have a number of calendar apps, and while I never use search functions I just did some testing and that was the one that loaded my whole history in one go, rafter than constantly pausing when I scrolled back.

(I have the paid version, but I can't see why this function would behave differently in the free one. I just believe in paying developers for the work they do in writing apps like this).
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First of all: I am verry sorry for the delay. I had some other matters/problems that needed to be solved, software/hardware. It took a lot of time.
Anyway, getting back this calendar thing.

THANK you for your replies and above all, for the tip.

WOW...! aCalendar is a fantastic calendar app indeed. I bought it immediately. It is really super and incredibly fast.
@Hadron @Dannydet
As you are experienced users, please... could you assist me on the following.

On my Windows 10 PC I use Outlook (Office 365, Outlook on Exchange basis) and Outlook Calendar.
Also I have an add-on within Outlook that updates the Google Calendar, one way, i.e. from Outlook to Google Calendar.
That is only done once in a while. I have many entries and it takes a while.

So, actually within aCalendar there are 2 calendars: the one linked to my Gmail account and the one linked to Outlook.

Right now, same events show up 3-4 times. I need to set this up the right way.
I also want to check which calendar works best.

Reason: I am not sure whether Outlook and Samsung Calendar are syncing well...
When checking : I noticed that recent entries show up both as Google Calendar and Samsung Calendar and Outlook Calendar.
However, when scrolling back to - let's say 2010 I only see Google Calendar entries, so only 'single' entries, i.e. Samsung/Outlook - they are missing.
When I disable Gmail calendar is 'primary' the entries (in 2010) are gone, it is all empty then.

In aCalendar the colour of the Outlook entries is black, the colour of the Google calendar entries is blue.
When scrolling back, the double entries (black and blue) stops at april 1st 2023, all other entries before that date are blue only.

I clicked on Synchronize maybe a dozen times

Long story... sorry for that.. but I believe the background of it is important.

Below my current settings.

Would appreciate your views.

Thanks again!

aCalendear-calendar list and profiles-19102023 074828.png

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