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Help After 2 days, my DHD Lags up????


Oct 30, 2010

After using my phone for a few days it starts to lag while trying to view the gallery. The thumbnails take up to 15 seconds to pop up. Then when I select a pic to view it slows while trying to zoom or swipe to next picture.

I have an app killer but it doesn't help. i think this only benefits battery longevity.

I have tried using the native app killer to force an app to close but still its laggy.

The only thing that fixes this issue is to restart the phone.

After restarting I get about 2-3 days before I have to restart again. I believe it's not the phone/hardware as it would lag up from the start. I'm assuming its an OS issue.

Has anyone else come across this problem. Or does anyone know if there is a fix for this. I.E something in the settings?????

Thanks in Advance
ouch, i guess question is...what have you installed recently? maybe its an installed app thats causing the issue?

hi, thanks for the reply.

I only have a few apps.
Crazy Birds
Toss It
You Tube
Auto Express
Pay pal
AK Notepad
Advanced App Killer

Considering the memory on these things I think this is quite minimal.

I may try a factory reset and see how this goes.

Get rid of the Advanced App Killer.
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Get rid of the Advanced App Killer.

Ok I have done a factory reset and only reinstalled a handful of apps. I have also left out Advanced App Killer. So now I guess I play with my phone and wait for a few days.

I have come from phones that didn't require frequent restart. But if this is an Android thing then i guess ill just have to get used to it. Still no regrets getting this over the iphone4 .

Thanks for all your input.
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I reckon its a combination of the 'AppKiller' and the latest software update. After first day my DHD was suffering lag in AngryBirds and when videoing, kept using the app killer which i think was making it worse. There are loads of threads about how app killers are causing all sorts of problems. Froyo 2.2 is designed to manage your tasks, if you start killing apps which the OS thinks are there, it could cause problems. Although i also read that some apps just can't be quit??? I don't if thats true, but i found deleting app killer solved alot of problems.


Edit: After reading the above link 'HTC Desire HD - xda-developers ', it seemed to change my CPU usage from 75% to 0%! I'll be interested to see what difference this actually makes.
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