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Help All my photos are gone


May 2, 2010
Within the last week I have been experiencing some problems with my Incredible. First it started not showing on the screen what I was typing when holding the phone horizontal. If I had it in the vertical position it would show the typed message. Took to Verizon while I was out of town. While the phone was on they took the battery out and then reinstalled. It worked fine. Upon returning home I noticed that the Weather app said my "current" was the town I had visited the weekend before. Tried everything but can't get it to acknowledge my present city. Now I go view my photos that I had taken and there are absollutely none there. I even assigned one to be my screensaver which is still showing as the screensaver however it is not in my Photos/Camera.
Are the photos still on your SD card/phone HD? Regarding the weather issue, obviously make sure that in the settings of the weather app, you have "Update automatically" turned on. Also, try going to Settings->Wireless and networks->Mobile networks -> and turn on "Enable always-on mobile..."
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Settings > Location

Make sure you have location set to on and use GPS if you wish.

As for the pics, I'd download Astro File Manager so you can search your SD card and see if the pics are in a folder on the card. If not, you can use your phone as a drive...Settings > Connect to PC and set default connection type to "Disk Drive". Then you can plug into computer via USB cable and check contents. Phone will show up as a drive so use explore to locate device.
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