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Help All SMS threads mysteriously deleted.


Dec 14, 2009
So my droid just deleted about 1,000 or so text and picture messages among 5 or 6 different threads. I don't know what I could have done to cause this, as I've had "never delete messages" selected since day one.

I've seen a few more instances of this happening on other forums, but no mention of it here. Has anybody else run into this bug? It's infuriating.
I have been having the same problems except that the sms keeps force closing on me. I can have one thread with five messages and it force closes and deletes the thread. I could have ten threads with a ton of messages and it will force close and delete all of them. No ryhme or reason to any of it. I have tried uninstalling all apps and still have the same problem. I posted it on this forum before but never really got a solid answer. This is the only problem that I have been having with the Droid. It's getting kinda of annoying but based on some of the other problems I have been reading about, I can't complain.
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