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alternative to pdanet for tethering to laptop


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Nov 14, 2009
downloaded pdanet to be able to tether my MyTouch to my laptop for browsing - today pdanet started flagging me with msg to "register and purchase" as it will "expire soon" - had no idea or indication from pdanet that it was a trial subscription

are there any alternatives?

and please don't say root - i'm one notch above fred flintstone on this stuff

tks in advance
Hi Larry :)

Unfortunately I don't know of any alternatives without ROOT but If I'm correct the internet should still work fine:

Note: Once trial expires, you can continue using PdaNet for free with limitations to http connections only.
I'm sure http connections are normal web pages anyway so hopefully we should be ok **Anyone please correct me if wrong though**

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once it starts flagging, it does it every five minutes
i can ignore it but for so long

did a google search, nothing out there i could find so i paid them

I occasionally get the little pop up , It's so tiny I barely notice it at all but I've been using it for like 2 months now {with the trial expired} and I'm still browsing No problem :)
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well this is how i feel about tethering... If tmobile is offering free tethering and then they decide to make people pay for it... wouldnt your acct kind of be grandfathered into free tethering and then the next you update your contract or a new customer signs up then theyll probably make you pay for it. I mean right now my friend has a bb pearl and isnt using data so he doesnt have to pay for it but they said if he updates his 2 yr contract and gets another smart phone he will have to get the date.
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wow that stinks....you pay the 29.99 and in a future updtae tmobile takes tethering away... then what
There's no technology that can "take tethering away". You either have a data connection from your phone to the internet or you don't.

What, you think they are going to find you and cut the cable from your laptop to your phone?:rolleyes:
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And, depending on the carrier, if you have "unlimited data" on your plan, it's actually limited to 10 gigs per billing cycle. I know it's like that for T-Mobile, but always check to make sure, if you do a lot of... browsing or anything on using the net (constantly running programs, etc). 10 gigs is definitely enough for me, though!

Also, T-Mobile offers other phones that have a tethering program. My Shadow had an app called "Internet Sharing".
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