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Am I the only one who doesn't think Swype is the greatest thing since sliced bread?


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May 4, 2010
I have been fortunate to have Swype beta for a couple of weeks now, both before and after it was opened to the public. I was fairly impressed with its uncanny ability to predict what I meant, when it actually did predict what I meant, but increasingly frustrated with its rush to complete things that I wasn't done yet.

While I know there are several settings I can tweak to improve its behavior, my general sense was that I spent so much time backing up, that it was faster just to get better with the default keyboard.

The other thing is that with a screen cover, there are times when I simply cannot 'slide' my finger comfortably along the screen without a little bit of "jump." I found Swype understandably poorly behaved under such circumstances.

I may check it out again, but for now, I'm just wondering whether anyone else found Swype more trouble than benefit.
For my old WinMo Omnia, it was the bee's knees. Unfortunately for Swype, the DINC's keyboard allows me to really use 2 hands in portrait (thumb and index). Swype was slick looking but I dunno, didn't want to get used to it and some of the stuff the stock keyboard is just something I dont want to live without; auto-space, auto-period, better word suggestions...

Then I got the Droid X keyboard, holy bajesus I love this keyboard. If I could have tactile feedback it would be hands down the best keyboard. I could get 40 words per minute on the fast fingers keyboard speed test in portrait!
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I sometimes fat finger on the default keyboard and wish I could change it or space it a bit differently, but have been impressed overall. Swype just didn't work for me. The prediction pissed me off and it seemed slower than the stock keyboard.

I do think that it's neat, but it just isn't my bag. No disrespect, it just wasn't something that I could find myself using regularly.
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dont care for it. i didnt mind it on my touch pro 2 but i just get frustrated with it on my incredible. perhaps because i grew accustomed to the resistive screen and using a stylus with it, but im jamming along with the droid x keyboard and if they can fix to use the better dictionary & auto-correct and put a return key instead of a smiley in gtalk it'd be perfect. i dont even need the haptic feedback.
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Hers my take on swipe...
It's hands down the best portrait keyboard I have ever used and the worst landscape keyboard I ever used. I find that swipe gestures are ideal for a tight square keyboard witch sucks because the landscape keyboard layout seems to be different just to be different but not vary two thumb friendly. I also noticed that Tue swipe function gets confused with real fast typing.

I imagine with practice the portrait keyboardbwould be faster than the landscape two thumb HTC but I haven't used it enough to find out

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I'm not a big fan of it. I can text with one hand (holding the phone and using my thumb). But with swype, I need to hold the phone in one hand and use my index finger on the other hand for swyping. I like the peck-typing of the stock keyboard better. That being said, Swype is a pretty remarkable application.
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wtf is swype. sorry i just crawled out from under a rock

You have been under a rock haven't you?

I am with the OP 100%, its fun to play with but the first time to have to type something in a hurry you'll quickly ditch it.


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I've been using it for quite a few months now and I now can't live w/o it. It did take quite a bit getting used to and realizing I could tweak the settings before I really grasped it, though.

The tweaks I made were

1. Unchecking "Word Prediction". I think that's one of the issues the OP is having. It's easier for me, personally to just get the whole thing out of the way, myself.

2. Checking "Vibrate on Keypress. I like that lil assurance that it's registering my touch.

3. Sliding the "Word Choice Window" more toward's "never", as opposed to "always". It won't ask you as much, and I've found that it has a better accuracy this way.

4. Sliding "Display Trace" toward "longer" as opposed to "shorter". I doubt this will affect too many people, but I like seeing the trace, more of a confirmation that I'm swiping to the correct letters. It helped me adjust to it, and not so much the other way around.

5. Sliding "Speed vs. Accuracy" toward "error tolerant", as opposed to "fast response". To be honest, I don't really know which one is better, but it's just what I've done, and I've gotten pretty good at it.

Now, everyone has their own tastes and flavors. If Swype isn't your's, no worries. That's the beauty of open source, we have a lot of options. But after I got used to Swype, I soon realized I couldn't live w/o it. Having a rooted Droid and flashing diff ROMs all too often (flashaholic here), I had gone w/o it more times than I was willing. Also, I don't have a screen protector (Gorilla Glass FTW!), and I def see how that may not play well w/ it. Either way, enjoy making your Android phone truly yours!
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