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Amaze 4G or G S II?


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Nov 12, 2011
Can anyone help me decide between the two?

I'm gonna buy a cheap 300-350 phone off of Craigslist and use it on a T-Mobile prepaid plan until I switch to Sprint in October.

So far it seems the two best phones you can use on T-Mobile's GSM prepaid plan come down to a draw between the Galaxy S II and the HTC Amaze 4G.

Amaze 4G has a higher resolution, crisper display, but the S II has a bright, vibrant screen with colors that really stand out.

I'm looking for a phone that's gonna give me a really nice screen, speedy lag-free use, and most importantly, a camera that can compete with the 4S.
I have the Galaxy SII and love it. For a phone, the camera is awesome. The screen is great. I still love this phone after having it for 6 months which is rare for me.

The downside to an HTC phone is Sense. I have never used a phone with Sense that I liked. Out of all the skins I think it is the worst.

Touchwiz is not nearly as bad IMO. I still don't like skins at all, and usually have a different ROM on my phone, but if I had to choose one I would go with Touchwiz.
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The tmo SGSII variant is probably my least favorite. It's still a good phone but it's not really that special.

I believe the Amaze and SGSII run the same processor so other than that the Amaze beats the tmo SGS II in most specs that I value the most which are the screen, camera (not really a huge difference) and build.

I'd go with the Amaze.

By the way, other than the enormous form factor...Sprint's variant is the closes to the OG SGSII that I love. :D
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Is there any reason why not to go with the Nexus One and save a few hundred? Is a 1ghz 512ram phone not fast enough for lagless browsing/emailing/texting/multitasking?

You forget that the OP wants a camera that rival the iPhone 4S (the camera on the Nexus One has never been the best, even when it was launched, to be honest, it is among the worst).
Back to the OP's question, to me the most obvious choice is the Amaze, simply because it used to be the phone with the best camera from HTC (a f/2.2 len as compared to f/2.6 in the Galaxy S2). If you read some reviews, you will see how the camera on the Amaze performs (hint: not bad).
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