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andriod phones attacked yesterday?


Feb 18, 2011
I got 2 weird messages from some 4 number sender who I did not know I showed it to my husband who did not know either so I deleted them

when we get home last night he reads that all androids phones were attacked yesterday & could of stole all of my personal info from my phone.
well I only go on fb with my phone & do ont buy anything on my phone & do not use the wi fi on the phone seeing as I have 3g to
it is the samsung acclaim verison 2.4 or somethimg like that.
so this is my question I do not want malwhere on my phone how can I keep it safe & how do I check to see if there is any malwhere on my phone also can I up grade to a newer verison of the android to be safer? thanks for all help given
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