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Help Android 9 "open with" options for apps


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Feb 14, 2011
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Moto Z4 using Android 9. Rooted with stock ROM.

Using an app called Kore (kore - Android Apps on Google Play) which is a remote control for my Kodi system. One screen of the app shows the cast of a movie/TV show and you can press on the icon of a cast member and it used to open the corresponding page in the IMDB app. But somewhere along the line it switched to opening as a search in a browser.

I cleared out all the "Open by default" options in Settings>Apps for all my browsers, Kore and IMDB but when I'm given a choice of where to open the link, it only offers my the choice of browsers. Is there a way to get Android to offer IMDB as a choice in the "Open with..." dialog shown below?

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I have Kodi on my Linux laptop, so I'm familiar with Kodi, but I don't have it or Kore on my phone.

Maybe someone here will have answer for you.

I think you need to contact the developer the XBMC Foundation, but I'm not sure they exist anymore, so probably contact Kodi
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The "open with" system is based on Android's "intents" system. How this works is that an app tells the system that it can handle a particular action and if no default has been set for that action it will be offered as an "open with" option. Installing a new app that can handle that intent should result in the "open with" dialogue appearing again even if you had previously set a default (because maybe you wanted to use the new app instead).

So the simplest explanation for this not appearing as the option is that the developer has not declared it as able to handle this action. If they haven't then even if the app could do it there is nothing you can do to tell the system this, it's the app that needs to declare it. Hence it would be a problem for the app developer to resolve.

(Of course if you have a huge number of apps that can do this you might have to scroll or look for a "more" or "show all" like the system share dialogue has in order to find it. But I assume that if that is the case you'd have done this already).
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The Kodi forums are back up and in this thread (Kore 3.0 feedback) it sounds like the dev removed the IMDb link due to the site being unreliable. So it was an intentional change. But other's are asking for the feature to be reinstated or at least offered as an option and I posted the same request.

Thanks for everyone's help but I guess it's in the dev's hands now.


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