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Android Needs More European Love


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Apr 12, 2008
Reuters recently published an article summarizing what IDC had to say about Android’s market share in Europe.* It would seem Europeans are shying away from Android phones, showing little interest.* The bottom line – many don’t understand what Android really is, and the lack of devices available further hurt awareness.“HELSINKI (Reuters) – Operators pushed [...]

Just a Quick post to remove this from the "Unanswered threads" forum
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I love Android and live in Europe... I have to say though I am the only one I know that doesn't have an iPhone. See ? That is why I got the Hero in the first place ... I mean when you see 12year old girls running around with an iPhone... And every fxxxing one I see on the street has a fxxxing iPhone... Sorry for that, just makes me angry, don't get me wrong though, I like Mac, I work with Mac, but I just don't see the point in buying something EVERYONE has ;)
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