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Android phone with Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic

so i went ahead and tried a few different headsets with the my droid, both using the stock music player (suck) and Meridian (better.)

the basic control functions (start music, pause music, skip back track, skip forward track) all worked on Meridian, although the skip forward function (two rapid presses) is nearly impossible to get right. even now i mess it up 2 times out of 3. kinda painful.

with the stock player the start/pause functions worked.

i didn't try any headset with volume controls though, so i can't help you there. i've only seen a few- that apple one, and one by shure. but i knew those wouldn't have the sound i wanted, so i didn't bother with them.

i do believe that those functions should work on an android phone, assuming that THE APP ALLOWS IT. i think that's the issue. on Meridian, there's an option in settings where you turn on headset control.

fwiw, i tried this stuff with 3 different headsets and got the same results for all. i first used the stock headset for my gf's iphone, a pair of Radius Atomic Bass headphones, and a pair of Vibe Duo's (far and away the best and i got them for about $50 on amazon.)
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