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Android Sync with Outlook easily?

Ok, so I had a 3GS iPhone for a short while and while the device was nice, I didnt like it that much. For one I hate iTunes and did not like the lack of customization. Also, I use Windows Vista and the integration with Outlook 2007 was a pain.

I am very intersted in WM devices and Android. What is going to be the best for me considereing the above? Do Android and WM sync with Outlook the same and better than the iPhone?

Im very intersted in:

Sony Xperia X10

Thanks for any advice you can offer : )
Thanks very much. I must confess I am a complete novice and new to Android - I joined the forum as I am considering moving away from Windows and buying a Android OS handset. The Xperia X10 is looking favourite at present providing the integration with Outlook is good. Otherwise I may go for the HD2... I believe the X10 is on 1.6 Donut. Unsure whether it can be upgraded though? Many thanks, Matt
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You don't specify of you use Outlook on an Exchange Server or stand-alone. If the former then I have no experience. If the latter then, even though I love my G2 (HTC Hero), I am hugely disappointed in both the built-in PIM apps and it's syncing with Outlook.

Basically the PIM apps are about ten years out of date missing very basic functionality - they MAY be improved with later OS versions (I am stuck on 1.5 at the moment) but lacking sorting by last name or company, poor calendar views, etc, means they really are no where near suitable for business use right now.

As far as Outlook sync goes - forget it. HTC do offer HTC Sync which is supposed to do it but in my experience, failed to sync a single thing. Android devices are designed to sync with Google's servers and it's also fairly obvious to all that Google Calendar and Contacts are no match for Outlook. Factor in no sync of tasks and notes, and it's not a good story right now.
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I have just got my X10 yesterday, nice... installed the PC Suite downloaded from SE website. so far so good. Launched the PC Suite and followed the instructions on the screen..... it has been more than 24 hours since I started and no luck!!:mad::mad::mad:
Windows Vista seemed to have detected the phone and then tried to load the driver from within the PC Suite. The loading failed, I repeated until I gave up. My suspect is that when I plugged in the Phone the first time, Vista detected and went looking for the driver. Since I have used Xperia X1 on this laptop, it must have detected that USB driver and loaded that for X10 which probably will not work. I could see the phone as USB memory. Thinking maybe USB got problem, I tried using BlueTooth. Could do the bonding part but when it comes to driver loading, it would failed and you have the same message that phone could not be detected! I am trying to synch with my Outlook contacts.....alternative was trying to save contacts to SIM card on old phone and then import. But you lose all other info except for name and number! :mad:. Other way is to use BlueTooth to beam ,,,one at a time.... :eek:..... ANy suggestion, please let me know...
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Have you tried re-installing PC Suite? Your description makes it sound like you do not have the correct device drivers installed as you seem to be leaning toward. You are not the first one I have read about having this problem and one fellow was opining that he was not confident that PC Suite even had the appropriate USB/bluetooth drivers in it.
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Hi T-M. I am also considering these two. Have you made a decision or had any reliable advice from elsewhere please?
Thanks, Matt

Sorry for the long delay in getting back bud. I have kind of been out of the loop lately.

I have been doing a lot of research and from what I am hearing over and over is that HTC's equipment/materials are noticeably better. I have hear the camera on the X10 is better, but I have heard that it doesnt feel as high end as the HTC gear (HTC Legend, HTC HD2, Nexus One).

Being on At&t, I am considering the HTC HD2 and flashing it with the Android software (which I have read folks have done). I am also considering the Nexus One. From my research and what I am hearing over and over, those are the two devices to beat (That work on At&t 3G that is). I hear the HTC EVO is supposed to be bomb, but it is for Sprint I believe... I wish HTC would also make unlocked versions of each of their phones for all networks so users could pick and choose.

I was really excited for the X10, I love Sony stuff and most of my stuff is Sony. It just seems it was released too late and not to the standard that keeps it at the top of the list with these other phones.

MadMax, seems you have one. Care to comment? Whats your take on your X10 so far?
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Little follow up from my post earlier - I downloaded HTC Sync from the web site instead of the one that came with my T-Mobile G2/Hero and that works a lot better. Previously I had nothing syncing, now it is syncing but missing the odd contact (maybe 1 in 75) and is also doing odd things to my alarms (especially the ones that are set to go off twelve hours before a 9am appointment - they are missing completely) but it's sort of working.
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