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Android TV as Long-range Wifi repeater?


Oct 19, 2009
Hi All,

I'm trying to connect to a distant hotspot, and share it to a group of devices locally for use on an RV. (RV Parks often provide Wifi, but you're out of luck if you can't get a space close to the office.)

There are commercial solutions like the Rogue Wave however, this doesn't do anything to authenticate through the Terms of Service (TOS)that frequent free access points.

Using Android, the WebWifiLogin app authenticates automatically. (Also Android could VPN back to my house for security reasons.)

Here's my solution:

1. Start with a powerful omnidirectional wifi antenna

2. Connect the antenna to an Android device that supports an external Wifi antenna. I found several Android TV devices which should work. Like This, or possibly this or this.

3. Set up a local access point/bridge using fqrouter2 which supposedly uses the same Wifi radio for the local WLAN, while it also connects to the remote one. Or USB tether to a DD-WRT Router.

An Android TV device w/ the range to connect to a distant hotspot, automatically accept the TOS, and share the connection locally to a handful of devices.

I've never worked with Android TV. Is there any reason I wouldn't be able to do this? Is there any information on what wattage these devices output for wifi?

Thanks, all.


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