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Help Angry Birds won't install with SD card


Well-Known Member
Apr 15, 2010
For some reason, I couldn't install Angry Birds. After the file downloaded the phone said Installation Unsuccessful. I finally found a tip that unmounting the SD card will allow it to install, and it did.

However, even when trying to upgrade it would fail. I would have to unmount, update, remount.

I just turned off my phone, removed the SD card, started it back up and uninstalled Angry Birds. Turned it off again, put the SD card back in, and started it back up. Again I tried to install Angry Birds and again it failed with the SD card in.

Does anyone know why Angry Birds fails to install and update when the SD card is in the phone?

I'm not trying to install it on the SD card, I don't care where it installs, I just don't want to have to constantly be taking my card out and putting it back in whenever I need to update.


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