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Any app to help save me intl long dist with iphone on other end?


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Jul 21, 2010
I dont have an android device yet, but will be getting it next week when Epic 4G Touch releases. I am looking for an app to talk to my family and friends, who are overseas, and save some money on international long distance. But they have iphone on their end. Video chat is not a priority, but I want audio to be good. So is there any app that is cross compatible with android and iphone, possibly has a desktop client as well, and can let you do audio/text chatting?? Also, if possible, it should be able to work on carrier's data network, and not just depend on wifi for calling each other. Can you recommend anything?
Google Voice doesn't work/isn't available outside the US.

You can use VoIP apps like Skype, Viber, Mobyler, ooVoo, Tango, etc. Free calls, even video calls, with the same app at either end if you're on WiFi.

VoIP is throttled, and even bluntly blocked, by Telcos/IPs in certain countries, like the Netherlands, though. Reasoning: they don't make money from calls over the interweb. So they want to force users to call over expensive mobile 3G, GPRS, and EDGE systems, because that's where they can charge you through the nose!
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