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Any increased interest now that the price dropped?


Android Expert
Dec 15, 2010
I just picked one of these up due to the price drop to $99. With my Connect being such a POS, I wanted something to tide me over until the new breed of Metro phones come out in my area. Now with this I can hold off enough to probably reach the 2nd generation of GSM phones.

Not that I expect much, but wondering if this low price might lead to some development work? Does anyone know if there is a sibling model on another carrier that could help? I would love a ROM for ICS or JB, but even an optimized GB one would be nice.
A few days in I can say it runs better than my Connect. It still drains the battery quick when using the 4G in my office (not a strong signal), but everything is more snappy and I do not get the random reboots, five minutes boot up, freezing, etc. At $99, it was worth it to hold me over until more options on the GSM arrive. I am not interested in the ones there right now. I have not rooted mine yet and might not. So far I have not seen anything pressing to make me.
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