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Any reviews on this phone?


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Nov 21, 2009
I have less than a month to decide if I want to keep my Sanyo Zio or trade it for this phone. NONE of the sprint stores around me have live phones, I called the mall and even they don't have this one live.

So I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this one, is it laggy?

The zio is a little laggy, mainly when loading the home screen coming from certain apps or sometimes from sleep mode. Especially the widgets.

I can live with it, but if the optimus S is faster I might exchange the zio for it.
This is the only review I've found:
Review: LG Optimus S : Is It Your Type? (Phone Scoop)

I am somewhat interested in this phone. It is light, not too large like a lot of the higher-end phones, has stock Android 2.2, and is touch-screen only. It's also cheap. I currently have the Moment, but it's EOL and won't be getting 2.2. Depending on the price, I may buy this without a contract and wait to lock in to a contract until Sprint has something better.
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To my surprise, this phone was available at a Radioshack near where I live. I still can not see it on the Sprint website, so I don't know if they released it early or what.

I like the phone a lot. I had a rooted TMobile G1 and the experience with this phone compared to the G1 is so much better. The menus and web browser do not skip while scrolling. I was able to downloaded and play Angry Birds, which played perfect. That was only the first few levels though, so I don't know how it will perform on the higher levels with more blocks and stuff to knock down. Oh! I can actually type without it bogging down and missing letters that I press, so that's a BIG PLUS! My G1 would do that and I've seen original MyTouch 3g owners curse the on screen keyboard because of this problem. I downloaded Quandrant and scored 423 (faster than original moto droid).

I traded in my G1 for 38 dollars at Radioshack (probably could have gotten more for it on Craigslist but it was so convenient I did it), so I paid 12 dollars for it.

I don't know about the battery life yet, but I haven't seen an android phone yet that gets good battery life, so we'll see.

I do have one BIG gripe. It seems this is for all Android phones. If I am wrong, so one PLEASE let me know how. There is no way to proxy a wifi connection. This means, no work wifi! AHH!! I thought this was address in 2.1 or 2.2. Guess I was wrong..
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Well damn, I was too impatient and went ahead with the Evo, which I am loving, but I do hate the damn $10.00 a month fee. Thankfully I got a discount for being a AAA member so I am still saving $ even with the fee, but instead of 16 bucks, I'm only saving $6.

I also got the Evo for $150.00 because BB screwed up with my refund and had no choice but to price match Sears.com. lol.
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I picked up the Optimus today for my daughter for her birthday. I have spent the past couple of hours with it and initially, my opinion is it is a GREAT phone. My wife and I have EVO's, so the only adjustment for me is the screen size and screen quality, but i find the quality actually quite good. I like it is not loaded down with tons of bloat ware.

I am having some trouble trying to load Flash 10.1, and have to look into that a little, but the speed, responsiveness off the touch screen, loading of apps, 3g, all seem to be excellent.

I loaded the hacked skype and place several 3g skype to skype calls, excellent.

I loaded Tango (optimaus has no front camera), but the sound quality and video quality was excellent (over 3g).

My two cents is it is a solid, solid phone and excellent value.
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i have this phone and i love it. i have had it since it came out. i downloaded an antenna widget and found out that it has a real hot reciever on it and it also doesnt go into roam where i live like my Palm Pre or Blackberrys that i have owned. i have owned a hero or shall you call it a zero because it froze up more than it worked. this optimus is the best thing that i have had in a long time. the voice activated dialing works good even through a bluethooth and voice texting works well.
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